Eileen, Thank you Sonya for all you do. God bless you


Suzette Stitt, RiAlto CA

Thank you so much for blessing me. You're one special lady.

Adrienne Braxton

 Sonya is soooo BOMB!

Lisa Torres, Ontario CA

Thank you Ms. Sonya this was so unexpected.  I really appreciate the fast and furious ride around the track in a Hellcat.

Testimonials and Sponsorship Opportunities


Foster Youth & Kinship Activities

Celebrating A Vision was established in 2013 with a mission to educate and empower less fortunate children by creating  amazing, enjoyable experiences for them .  



Celebrating A Vision is an award-winning organization, that provided over 125 random acts of kindness in 2018.  CAV surpassed that number  for 2019 and is on track to do it again for 2020.  Founder Ms. Sonya's passion for helping others stems from knowing  the impact genuine help can have on one's life .  Ms. Sonya  is said to be a  'PHILANTHROPIC  POWERHOUSE'.  While  Celebrating  A Vision  has  many accomplishments  there's  still much work to do.  Join us on this journey of  being kind to as many as we can. 


Celebrating a Vision 501c3

 "CAV" is one organization with two major causes.  Founder  Sonya, says when you pass the baton, you create prosperity and opportunity for another through service.  If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring an event, we look forward to hearing from you to discuss your opportunities and our current projects.

Celebrating A Vision w/ Exotics speedway Racing

Lisa Torres honored by founder Sonya where she received a fast and furious exotic car experience in a Hellcat. 

Help Our Cause

Celebrating A Vision always appreciates anyone who wants to sponsor our excursions. Your generous commitment of $500 or more will cover the expenses of 1 (one) random act. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged in our media and web portals.

CAV is grateful for all of your support.

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